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Other Throwing Events

(Also see variations of the weight throw)

The "antique (Greek) discus" was conducted at the Weltklasse internatinal throwers meetings in Ruedlingen, Swi. It is a heavier, bigger discus, more like the discus of ancient Greece. The best is 32.76 by DImitry Sevchenko (Rus) at the 2001 Ru"dlingen meet. The best American was 27.94 Andy Bloom US 98. The best woman was 32.94 Nicoleta Grasu Rom 99.

Throwing nonstandard weight implements

I got these marks from Guniess' Athletics record book. They probably have been surpassed.
4kSP 26.80(88'0)   Geoff Capes (GB)   85
1kDT 90 meters by various elite men with and without fouls, including John Powell and Frantz Kruger
I would like to get more data on throwing light and heavy implements.

Standing throws

I would like to know the records for best standing throws for all implements. So far, I know that Gene Rodeley threw the (old) jav 228'3" in 1978 without a step. Please let me know if you know of the records. Here is a list of partial, modified, or combination throws that I would like to keep records for:
Standing throws: shot, disc, and javelin.
Best hammer/weight throw from winds only/1-turn/2-turn.
Spin shot and disc: best South African, with one-foot-out start.
The current record in the freestyle javelin throw.
Ambidextrous throwers(throwing left-handed plus right-handed)

Test quadrathlon events

A standardized test for explosive strength ability, developed by G.B. national coach Max Jones. Popular test used by many collegiate programs during the off season.
St LJ   3.71(12'2.2)  Arne Tverrvaag (Nor)   68
 2  3.65(11'11.7)  Johan Christian Evandt (Nor) 3/11/62 Reykjavik, Ice.
T quad  337    Shaun Denton (US,JT-79.82) 87
  30  3.34   Mike Ramos (US,Dec 8322)87, Ken Terry (US,Dec 7666)87
    3.34   E. McKalla(GB,TJ 16.86)  2/88
    3.35     Denton 87, A.Ekoku (DT) 2/88
  St LJ  3.48(11'5)  Mitch Crouser (GB) (67.06 DT)
  open   3.60(11'9.7)  Werner Gunthör (Swi)  87
  3 jumps 10.58(34'8.5)  E. McKalla (GB,TJ 16.86) 2/88
   10.48(34'4.5)  K. Onuagul (Nig,DT)   2/88
  s throw 19.22(63'0.7)  D. Smith (HT)    2/88
  open  22.86(75'0)  Werner Gunthör (Swi)  87
Stand LJ  2.92(9'7)   Annelin Mannes (Nor)   3/7/81 Filsa, Nor.
Test Quad 240    C. Johnson (Hept,SP)   2/88 (3.60,2.73,8.33,15.47)
  30  3.60     Johnson    2/88
  St LJ  2.77(9'1)   S. King (GB,SP)   2/82
  3 jumps  8.33(27'4)  Johnson (Hept,SP)  2/88
  s throw 17.88(58'8)  Judy Oakes (GB,SP)  2/88

Scottish highland games

Scottish highland games include a collection of throwing events in a traditional, festival setting. Competitors wear kilts and throw from a grass or dirt surface. The events include a stone put, weight throw for distance, weight throw for height, traditional hammer throw (with a solid wooden handle), the caber toss (flipping a log), and the sheaf toss (a tightly-packed bag of hay swung up with a pitch fork).

Throwing of miscellaneous objects:

Many annual festivals have competitive distance events. Not all are associated with throwing skills (cherry-pit-spitting, frog-jumping, etc.), but some are. Here is an incomplete list. Thanks to Ralf Laue of The Guiness Book of World Records Record Breakers' Club for some of these records.

Brick Throw: The brick throw is listed in the Guinness book of world records. Geoff Capes (GB) threw a #5 pound brick 146'1" on 19Jul78 in Orton, GB. I suspect he used a discus or South African style.

Cow chip throw: The cow chip throw originated in the American fronteir, when settlers collected cow chips by throwing them into their wagon for winter fuel. The chips must be at least 6 inches in diameter. The throwing technique varies, with the best throws from either a frisbee toss or a discus-style throw. World records: men, unofficial 266'0" frisbee style Steve Urner (US) 14Aug81 Tehachapi, Ca. official: 182'3" 1980 women: 146'6" Dana (Valentine) Martin (US) Apr2001 Beaver, OK.

Tuna throw: The tuna throw is popular in Australia, also possibly contested in New Zealand, and/or South Africa). A real, dead, frozen tuna is attached to a hammer handle via a wire through the gills. The furthest throws are thrown hammer style, but some use a discus style. The world record is 37.23 meters by Sean Carlin.

Rubber Boot throw: a Wellington boot (a "Wellie") of standard model, weight, and length is held by the top, and slung discus or South-African style. Men's record: 65.34, Jouni Viljanen (Fin) 22May99, Kokemaki, Fin. Women's record: 46.31, Eeva Isokorpi (Fin) 09Apr06, Järvenpää. This is popular in Canada, Scandinavia, and Germany; also contested possibly in New Zealand. More information at:

Tire throw: The tire throw has been made popular by the early World's Strongest Man competitions. Recommended weights are 20-35 pounds for men and 12-20 pounds for women. The tire should be a standard production car or truck tire. It is thrown out of a 2.50-meter diameter discus circle. It can be thrown with one hand (discus or Scottish weight throw technique), or with two hands (hammer style). The best men's throw with a #35 tire from an 8' circle is just over 42 feet by Brian Oldfield (discus style).

Keulenwurf: This is a 500-gram club throw (250-grams women), which was also an event in the Ru'dlingen weltklasse throwers meets. I do not know if this is the same club that is used in paralympic games, and I don't know if this is thrown from a runway or from a circle, and what technique was used. Rybin (Rus) has thrown 81.22 at the 2001 Rudlingen meet. For women, Tomeckova' (Cze) has thrown 64.65, also at the 2001 Ru"dlingen meet.

Snowball throw: The snowball throw is a serious popular event in Finland. It is a featured event in the annual winter festivals. A javelin runway, sector, and rules are used, and there is a machine that makes standard weight balls (400g, men & women). It was a national news story when American javelin thrower Karin Smith took the women's world record from the Finns. Men's record unknown. Women's record: 66.82(219'3) Karin Smith (?) 92 Poytya, Fin.

Mobile phone throw: Here is another object thrown for distance at an annual festival. I don't know if the javelin or discus technique is optimal. Men: 66.72 Petri Valta (Nokia 5110) 24Aug02 Savonlinna, Fin.

Steinstossen: ("stone throw") This is a traditional Bavarian event associated with annual festivals. The implement is a stone or solid iron brick. It is thrown from a long jump runway toeboard into the sand pit. Basically, you run up to the line, carrying the stone either on your shoulder or overhead, and then heave the stone up and out. The implement must land in the pit, or else it is a foul. The thrower is allowed up to 40 meters approach (as in javelin and horizontal jumps, more than necessary), and the toeboard serves as the foul line.

Traditionally, stones were used and are still used at many festivals. Men put a large stone in the neighborhood of 10 to 20 kg (22-44lbs) and women in the neighborhood of 5 to 10 kg (11-22lbs). In the championships, the implement has been standardized to a 15kg (33lb) iron block for men, 10kg (22lb) (40-49), 7.5kg (16.5lb) (50-59) for masters competitors, and a 5kg (11lb) solid iron brick for women.

SP spinner Brian Oldfield tried this event with a running South African and sent the block off close to the spectators. Since then, they do not allow you to turn 360 degrees during your throw. The best with a 15kg stone: 13.11 by Kneißler Bernd 62 MTG Mannhheim Waiblingen 25Aug84. The best American: 11.01 Brian Oldfield 45 USA.

With a 25kg iron brick weight: The best is 8.11 Dück Oliver 67 TSV 1860 München 1990; the best American: 6.47 Mac Wilkins 50 USA 1975

The throwers' meetings in Ru"dlingen used a very heavy, 50kg stone. The best was 5.59 by Miroslav Menc Cze 13Aug00; the best American was 5.35 by Kevin Toth US 28Aug99.

The image was from the German-American Festival website, Toledo, Ohio. I thank John Von Rohr for providing information. German lists provided by Heinrich Porsch.

The Rasenkraftsport is a German weight triathlon scored by points, consisting of the hammer throw, the 12.5kg-50cm weight throw, and the 15kg stone put. Records are kept for weight classes and weight divisions in this Excel file provided by Friedbert Walther.

Weight plate throw (rounded-edge, unrimmed, discus hold) During the fall, some of our throwers throw a barbell weight plate discus style. The men throw a #10, the women throw a #5. The best plates to use are the small, narrow plates with the rounded edges and no indented rims, often used in the manufacture of dumbbells. A good weight for high school boys is the #7.5 pound plate. I don't know the records; if anybody knows any outstanding performances, please let me know.

Weight plate throw (rim hold, either one-handed, discus style or 2-handed hammer style), similar to the tire throw.

Broom throwing see

Keg toss: The keg toss (for distance) is a popular event associated with Fraternity festivals. It can be heaved shot-put style, discus style, or hammer style. The keg toss for height (over a vertical standard) has been contested in strongman competitions. Athletes usually swing the keg between their legs and then up and over their head.

Another event that might be neat to contest: A heavy stone put or throw for height, over a bar that could be raised like a pole vault bar. The athlete can have the option of throwing it underhand or putting it with one or both hands. It would be interesting to see what is the most efficient technique.

Thrower/weightlifter or thrower/other sport combos:
There have been several athletes thaat have competed in track and field throwing and weightlifting and powerlifting. The following are a few exmples:

Kevin Coleman competed in 1996 US Olympic trials in both shot and weightlifting (+108kg class). Jon Cole threw discus 65.92(216-3) in 1972; he is also one of the best ever combination weightlifter-powerlifter. Cole also put the shot 61'11.5 and threw the jav 221'. George Frenn, US hammer thrower, was a top American powerlifter of the 70's (110kg class), as well as former "world best" holder of the #35 and #56 weight throws. Bruce Wilhelm was also a top US weightlifter and shot putter. Sammy Walker (SMU) held the HS shot record at ~73' put 66-68' on college, and made the US olympic WL team as a superheavyweight. Gary Gubner was a WR ISP and OSP and competed in the 1964 Olympic games in weightlifting. Ken Patera was also an olympic weightlifter, strongman, shot putter, and pro wrestler. Geoff Capes (GB) was a strongman, Scottish highland games athlete, and shot putter.

Theresa Brick was a top hammer thrower for Canada in the 1990s and also totalled 217.5kg in weightlifting at least three times. Eileen Vanisi, shot putter has totalled 1215 pounds in powerlifting, for an ADFPA open and collegiate record in the superheavyweight class. Karoliina Lundahl is 1998 world champion in weightlifing in the 75kg weight class with a 230kg total, and she was an 18m+ shot putter for Finland. Carla Garrett was a top SP-DT in college (Az) and was also top US SWH weightlifter in the early 1990s.

Siblings Twins Mikulas and Miroslav Konopka, from Slovakia, threw 76.12 hammer and 19.94 shot, respectively, in 1980.

S-D-J: 2431c 19.21(882)+54.92(803)+65.36(746) by relatives: David Steen (Can) 70, 69, 88 (David Steen did shot and discus, and his nephew namesake was a decathlete in the Seoul olympics (javelin).)

Mitch, Dean, and Brian Crouser, who all went to the U. of Oregon in the early- to mid-80s. Mitch, the oldest, was a 20.04SP-67.22DT doubler, and Dean went 21.07SP-65.88DT. Dean also did 20.84(68'4.5)sp 63.22(207'5) NCAA double Ch '82, and 65.88(216'2)dt NCAA Ch 83 for Oregon. The youngest, Brian's best event was the javelin (281-0 old) '85 NCAA Ch. Brian was also one of the top throwers of both the old and new javelin: 95.10 old 5Aug85 Eugene, and 83.00 16May87 Corvallis. There was an article in SI about them.

Father-son: Joe Keshmiri (Kami's father) had a discus PR of 60.98. He was a 2-time olympian for Iran; later, a top masters thrower.

Father-daughter: Michael and Miclelle Carter. Michael still holds the HS SP record, and Michelle just set the girls HS SP record this year (2003). Several male throwers were also successful in football. For instance, Michael Carter had a substantial NFL career.

Al (21.82) and Bob (19.51) Feuerbach are also a brother shot putter duo. Al held the WR in the shot and also won the US championships in weightlifting (110kg class).

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