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Tony Dziepak

I coached high school part-time for six years. The following information was originally for my high school throwers, but it would be useful for all high school-age throwers.

Shoes: Throwers should come to practice in decent running shoes and carry their throwing shoes with them. You want decent running shoes in which to do running, running drills, and other conditioning exercises. Spikes are not necessary for a HS throwing specialist.

Throwing shoes: You don't have to buy throwing shoes. If you do not buy throwing shoes, you should throw in flat-bottom shoes with minimal heel height. For example, worn tennis shoes, skateboarding shoes, or any shoe that has minimal tread and not much heel. It is not good to throw in running shoes because they have too much heel and too much tread.

If you choose to buy throwing shoes, first come to practice and ask Coach Dziepak for recommendations. I suggest any of the Reebok Glide shoes. Then go to the running specialty store to get your size in whatever brand of throwing shoe they have. Generally, you will get your throwing shoe 1/2 size smaller than your running shoe of same brand. You want the throwing shoe to fit comfortably snug, but not tight. You don't want your toes to be crowded (too tight), but you also don't want extra unfilled toe room in front of your toes (too big). For example, I usually wear a Size 11 running shoe, but a Size 10.5 throwing shoe, as well as 10.5 dress and casual shoes.

Since throwing shoes only come in "men's" sizes, girls should go to a shoe store and try on a pair of men's spikes of the same brand to determine the size with the best fit.

After determining your size, check First to the Finish (go to footwear, throws).  Any throwing shoe is good.  I recommend   The spin model is primarily for discus and spin shot (and hammer throw), but may be less stable for glide shot. The glide model is for glide shot technique, but can also be used for discus throw.

If these are not available in your size, next check the 2004 models: 65086 Reebok Global Glide and 65087 Reebok Global Spin, both for $39.95. Same deal with the glide vs. spin. Remember to try thr "Track06" promotion code for extra 10% discount at checkout.

Finally, try VS Athletics (footwear, throwing shoes). There, your first choice would be the $24.99 old Reebok Global Glide, then the $49.99 Reebok Global Glide, then finally the VS Athletics TH shoe. The VS Athletics shoe is an in-house generic version of the Reebok Glide made for VSAthletics. The sole is identical to Reebok.

If you have extra large feet, you may have to try other brands, such as Asics, Nike, or Adidas. Consider combining orders with teammates to save on shipping.

Hammer throw and javelin throw

The hammer and javelin throws are not Virginia High School events, but they are USATF youth events. If any thrower is interested in learning or competing in the hammer throw or the javelin throw, you have to do this individually as an unattached athlete, or through a youth club, such as Vienna Youth, Inc.. You can try these events either during the spring track season on a weekend, after the HS season is over in June, or during the fall. Talk to Coach Dziepak for more details.

Winter/spring practice schedule:

Usually, weight training will be 3x/week (2x/week when there are 2 meets a week). Weight training will usually be incorporated into the 2nd hour of evening and Saturday practices. The throwers' program is downloadable here as a Word document. These are also available (and should be kept) in the weight room. You may save this file on your home computer, or print out an extra copy to keep at home.

We test our conditioning progress with the test quadrathlon--a pretest in February and a retest in May. Here is a link with more information about the test quadrathlon.

Pages of emphasis from this site: It would be good to read the training section to understand how to plan your training.


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